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Released October 5 2018

Produced by Andrew Furze

Mixed by Todd Bergman

Mastered by Gentry Struder

Written by Furze / Thomas / Anthoni

A TAG Music production



Is there a place for a Southern Gentleman at the top of the music charts? Soul-pop artist Liam Grae is determined to find out. Born in Dallas, Texas, the 25 year old artist first cut his teeth recording demos as a child. He moved on as a stage performer in Germany, then honed his writing skills in Nashville before landing at the epicenter of pop music - Los Angeles, California. 

His exciting debut, “Uniform” is set to drop this Summer. It’s a seamless blend of classic soul and organic gospel textures, infused with danceable future-pop beats. Liam's songs touch on what it means to be a young man in a modern world - combining humor and heart in equal measure. Collaborating with some of the most exciting pop writers in LA, Liam Grae's love of classic rat-pack singers and pop-icons has him picking up where George Michael and Robin Thicke left off. 

On stage, Liam Grae's driving beats and  killer rhythm section serve to make his point - that music should get people out of their chairs and look good doing it. With influences ranging from Marvin Gaye to Frank Sinatra, and with interest already pouring in, Liam Grae is set to make a huge impact in 2018. 

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